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Compare LED Lights from Any Brand

This tool will help you compare the brightness and color accuracy of continuous LED lights.

Start typing the name of a light
Start typing the name of a light
Godox LC500RGodox LC500RView Product Nanlite Pavotube 15CNanlite Pavotube 15CView Product
Max Brightness? 960 Lux @ 1m (Bare Light)
f/2.8 @ 1m (ISO 100, 1/50)
378 Lux @ 1m (Bare Light)
f/1.6 @ 1m (ISO 100, 1/50)
Color Temp? CCT?: 2622K-8575K
CC#?: 0.2M/-0.9G
RGB?: Yes (RGB+WT)
CCT?: 2791K-6994K
CC#?: -0.9G/-1.8G
RGB?: Yes (RGB+WT)
Color Accuracy? CRI?: 96.6/96.6
TLCI?: 97/98
TM-30?: @2622K/@8575K
SSI (Tungsten)?: 80
SSI (D55)?: 72
CRI?: 96.3/95.8
TLCI?: 98/98
TM-30?: @2791K/@6994K
SSI (Tungsten)?: 82
SSI (D55)?: 72
Remote Control Remote App, Remote
Power Rating: 23W
Source: AC Adapter, Internal Battery
Rating: 16W
Source: AC Adapter, V-Mount Battery, Internal Battery
Cooling Passive Passive
Mount Type Proprietary Proprietary
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