CRI (Color Rendering Index)

CRI averages the score of 8 colors (R1-R8), with each color rated on a scale of 1-100. Lights with an average score of 90-100 are considered "Excellent", but most creators consider lights under 95 to be low quality.

A low CRI is a good indicator of a bad light, but a high CRI may not be a good indicator of a good light, because colors that are critical for things like skin tones exist outside of the 8 tested colors.

Extended CRI partially mitigates this issue by measuring additional colors (R9-R15), including R9 (Strong Red), R13 (Light Yellowish Pink), and R15 (Asian Skin).

Manufacturers typically advertise a non-extended CRI rating, which can be "gamed", and does not indicate potential color rendering issues.

The data in this table is listed in one of two ways:

Single Color Lights: 95.5

Bi-Color Lights: 95.5/94.5 (@ min color temp/@ max color temp)

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