TM-30 (Technical Memorandum 30)

A method of evaluating color rendition by measuring both color fidelity and gamut (hue/saturation) shift across 99 color samples.

The resulting graph shows hue and saturation shift for the measured colors. When the red circle is inside the black, colors are desaturated, and when the red circle is outside the black, colors are over-saturated.

The arrows indicate the direction of saturation and hue shift. If an arrow only points directly in or out from the center of the circle, it indicates only saturation shift.

Although TM-30 is technically more accurate, the average person may find it harder to quantify what makes a light "good" or "bad" using the resulting graph. Inspecting CRI (including individual R-values), TLCI, and TM-30 together is the best way to determine the overall color rendering capabilities of a light.

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