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Make ANY Microphone Sound Better (Rode PodMic)

Make ANY Microphone Sound Better (Rode PodMic)

In this video I'll show you how to make any microphone sound more clean, crisp, and professional, using the Rode PodMic as an example.

You can enhance the sound of your microphone, whether dynamic, shotgun, or condenser, using three free effects that you already have: an equalizer, noise gate, and compressor.

EQ, automatic noise gating, and compression are the three main ingredients that take a vocal recording from amateur to professional, and it's a simple process once you know how each plugin works.

I also share 3 quick recording tips to help you get the best audio recording for dialogue possible, before we move on to post processing.

I'll be working in Davinci Resolve, but these effects are included in Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro, and every other video and audio editing software out there.

As a final note, I am amazed at how good the build and sound quality are on the Rode PodMic for just $99, and consider it the best budget microphone availabel for streamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators.

Note: Good thing this one isn't about video, because I forgot to switch out of manual focus, and the microphone is super sharp, but my face isn't. I guess that's fitting for the subject this time though...

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