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Godox UL60 Review | The Small, Silent Light

Godox UL60 Review | The Small, Silent Light

In this video I review the silent Godox UL60 and compare it to other popular budget lights like the Godox ML60, Aputure Amaran 100d, Nanlite Forza 60, and Nanlite FS-150.

The main selling point of this LED light is the completely fanless design, but there are other benefits to the Godox UL60 over other budget 60 watt alternatives.

The Godox UL60 features an external controller with native v-mount battery support, wireless remote control, and more, making it one of the most versatile and portable options for content creators, youtubers, and more.

Godox also designed new quick-release parabolic softboxes that are a perfect match for this and other Bowens mount lights for studio setups, content creators, or even live events like interviews or more intimate performances.

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