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Dracast X Series LED500 Panel Light Review (DRX500RGB)

Dracast X Series LED500 Panel Light Review (DRX500RGB)

In this video I review the Dracast X Series RGB LED500 (DRX500RGB) from Draco Broadcast, a solid little panel light that's great for indoor talking head setups and interviews, as well as food and product photography and videography.

These lights have a stunningly bright, blue anodized body and feature a unique control scheme that allows for ultra-quick adjustments.

You get a huge color temperature range, highly customizable special effects, mobile app control, NP-F battery support, and more.

They come with barn doors, removable diffusion, and individual cases. The 2 and 3-light kits include additional, larger soft cases, and the 3-light kit also has a hard shell case option.

Their hard shell, injection molded cases are waterproof, and are also available separately in a ton of different sizes with pick-apart foam, so they're perfect to create your own custom travel kits.

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